Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cubicle Rant : Episode Annoyed

Location: Boss's Room
Boss: Settle this contractor's claim. We need to submit it a.s.a.p!
Me: Ok. 

Location: My cubicle
I switched on the computer and look for the folder.
Me: Damn! This sheet is protected!
And so I picked up the phone and call Ms. X. Unfortunately, she's 'otherwise occupied'. So I leave a message. After several hours, she returned my call.

Me: Can you email me the unprotected BQ for the XXX projects? I need to make some amendment on that thing.
Ms. X: Sorry dear, I'm not the office right now. Can I email it to you tomorrow?
Me: I really need to settle the claim today! Why don't you just give the password so I can 'unprotected' the sheets myself...
Ms. X: Sorry dear, I dah lupa lahhh.....
Me: ???

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  1. hahaha...sabo yer...hehe..mcm dah lama lak tak alami pgalaman mcm tu..tak sampai 2 bln..tapi rasa mcm dah lama...hahaha.